DuraDram 2.0 Gloss Clear 4 Pack

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Versatility with a modern touch.

Featuring a modern hexagonal base, the DuraDram 2.0 is ready to elevate your whiskey drinking experience. A flexible, yet highly durable, silicone allows the whiskey enthusiast to enjoy a dram wherever, whenever they please. Gone are the days of no glass zones or fragile drinkware ruining your soirée.

Materials: BPA free, food grade silicone. Strong enough to hold shape while in your hand.
Finish: Gloss
Dimensions: Height - 115mm (4.5"), Width - 72mm (2.8")
Capacity: 7oz to the rim
Weight: 111g (3.9oz)

Forced Aeration

Gently squeezing the walls forces the aromatics upward toward your nostrils. We call this Forced Aeration. No other whisky glass can offer this experience.


DuraDram's are incredibly tough. Flexible enough to squeeze with enough pressure but also rigid enough to not collapse in your hand while enjoying your favorite whisk(e)y.

Enhanced Aromatics

The tulip shaped body is the perfect way to get the most out of your whisky. Enjoy the benefits of the shape for nosing but with enhanced ergonomics with a wider exterior for a better hold.

Dishwasher Safe

Super easy to clean. Either wash by hand or toss it into the dishwasher. It's an excellent way to sterilize your DuraDram.

No Heat Transfer

DuraDram's silicone also acts as thermal barrier to reduce heat transfer that may otherwise alter the taste of your whisky.

BPA Free

All DuraDram products are made of an FDA Approved, BPA Free, Medical/Food Grade silicone.